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PARENT NOTES Ollie the Observant
TOPIC: This story attempts to encourage some appropriate coping skills and has a happy ending.
In much of the Adventures of Cosmos Crow material, the point of doing what is in your best self-interest is emphasized. Many children and adults with life problems are too concerned about the opinions of others and pleasing others. But in this story we also emphases that kindness and concern for others are also very valuable skills.
In addition, you can learn to recognize more effective coping skills
by observing and then learning the coping styles of those who are successful in dealing with life’s difficulties. By using these more effective coping skills you will have a happier and more successful life.
Ollie is a young owl that is blown into Cosmos’s woods by a storm. He is an outsider and he knows no one in the forest. Cosmos helps him find the local owls and then watches him to see if he succeeds in his new home.
Cosmos observes Ollie in owl school and notices that he is not demanding of attention from the teacher. But Ollie also knows the answer to any questions the teacher asks of him.
When it is time to go on a hunt, Cosmos realizes that Ollie is the only one who is on time for the event. On another day, Cosmos sees Ollie talking to a younger owl. Cosmos observes that Ollie is helping this younger owl with his school lessons.

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