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Finally, Cosmos is present when the older owls want someone to stay at home and guard the younger owls while they go out on a hunt. Ollie volunteers to stay behind and stand guard.
As time passed, Cosmos realized that the other owls liked Ollie. But as Cosmos observed, It was more than they just liked Ollie, they trust and admire Ollie. Cosmos then talks to Ollie about what Cosmos had just realized.
Ollie explained to Cosmos that he was able to learn these skills by observing others. He paid attention to what others like and didn’t like. He taught himself how to be successful in this new environment.
He realized that teachers like you to pay attention and study but don’t like it when you are jumping up and down wanting to be noticed. Ollie told Cosmos that sometimes you should be helpful even if you don’t get anything for it, like when he tutored the younger owl. And you may even have to do things that you would rather not do because you will be helping others, like when he volunteered to stand guard.
Cosmos realized that Ollie had learned some very valuable lessons. He could pay attention to others and learn the skills necessary to be happy and well liked. He learned to not expect to be praised by others for his good or kind behavior. But in time, because of his Thumbs Up behavior Ollie became admired and trusted, which are even more valuable than just being liked.
Cosmos concludes the story with the realization that Ollie would be successful and happy in his new home and at that point named him Ollie the Observant.

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