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On the second worksheet page, cosmos points out the problems that are caused by this “Magic Mirror” situation. Of course pigs can’t fly, but we use our “mental magic mirrors” to convince ourselves that this or that is okay this one time. “I will write this hot check but cover it before the bank gets it.” “I will just pay the minimum on the credit card and I will pay it off some day.” We all have done this type of “rationalization”, only to have it cause us problems later.
The “Truthful Mirrors” in the lives of children can be friends, family, teachers and others, but ultimately, the Truthful Mirror must be within each of us. Your children can identify that Patrick is having Stinky Thinking and that his behavior is Thumbs Down, but you also want them to understand that Patrick and the others need to be “Truthful Mirrors” to themselves as well as others.
1. Why did Patrick Pig want the mirror to tell him he could fly?
Because he was tired of being slow.
2. When you insist that others tell you “what you want to hear” (like Patrick) what type of thinking are you having? Stinky Thinking
3. If like Patrick you believe “what you want to hear” what emotions will you have?
Not Okay Emotions...(because they are based on your own stinky may be happy like Patrick when he thought he could fly but those emotions are not appropriate because they are based on falsehoods.)

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