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In the Exercise part of the story, Cosmos discusses how to select an “A Team” of “mirrors”. These are the individuals you will use to help you evaluate yourself, others, and various situations. They will be your “mirrors” set on Truth. The criteria for selection to this “A Team” are fairly difficult.
1. Will they be truthful even if I get upset, angry or sad?
2. Is what they tell me based on reality, not because they want to please me or hurt me?
3. Am I willing to accept their observa ons as truthful and not second-guess them?
4. Am I willing to do whatever is in my best self-interest, based on their observa ons?
Finding others, who are willing to be truthful, as outlined by Cosmos is very difficult. It is a skill that many adults have not mastered. Many people see no value in such a “truthful” friend. Many important people surround themselves with “yes men” and have little interest in advisors who are “truthful”.
Take a few minutes and think of the times in your life when having such a “Truthful Mirror” would have been an aid in a difficult situation. If these young children can see the value in such skills as the “Truthful Mirror”, think of all the potential problems, from school failure to drug abuse that could be avoided. You might even want to consider developing your own “A Team” and see what it is like to live in the Land of Truth and Broken Glass.

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