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Issue 6 Spring 2021                                              

            Coping in a Pandemic

         Brethren, at this time last year, we were all looking forward to
         spring and summer and were totally unaware of the impact
         that the pandemic would have on all our lives. It has now
         been over twelve months where we have had to live with the
         watch words of mask wearing, social distancing and
         lockdowns. Without doubt, the last twelve months have been
         a challenge to us all.
         Whilst we have not been able to meet physically as a
         Province, we have had to adapt and reinvent how we can still
         operate in this new world. Undoubtedly the zoom platform
         has been a great help. I’m sure like many of you I thought a
         zoom was a rocket shaped ice lolly but now we all know
         The Provincial meeting as a virtual business meeting (VBM)
         in September was very well attended and enabled the Province to carry out its business on
         this platform. Now with a Provincial zoom account and the flexibility of Mark Grand Lodge we
         have been able to assist Lodges in holding VBMs to deal with Lodge business.
         I started the ‘Keeping in Touch’ program at the beginning of last summer with the Deputy
         and myself calling the Lodge secretaries on a regular basis to check all is well. In addition,
         we have our monthly ‘Open House’ and end of month Secretaries’ meetings on zoom. The
         open house meetings have proved very popular with the Brethren and the secretarial
         meetings enable us as a Province to deal with the current situation and plan for the future.
         I do not need to remind you that charity is the cornerstone of Mark Masonry. This Province,
         in conjunction with the Mark Benevolent Fund, made swift donations to food banks across
         the Province, totalling £22,000. In addition to this we have been able to support my
         nominated charities with funding of £4,900 along with £500 each to the Poppy Appeal and St
         Johns Ambulance. At a time of great need, we should be proud of the support we have given
         to our communities and it is with your great support of the 600 Club which has helped these
         causes. A wonderful achievement by the Mark Brethren in this Province.

         As you will know the Provincial meeting in May has been postponed and is now scheduled
         for September 4th. We all hope that this will take place, where we can finally meet up and
         invest those Brethren who have been promoted.
         I do hope that the Provincial meeting will signal the restart of normal Lodge meetings and I
         look forward to joining you in your Lodges to share in that great Mark friendship we are all
         missing at this time.

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