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Five points to creating your COVID cleaning plan
Think as if you have COVID-19 right now.
The first thing you should do when wanting to take cross contamination seriously is to presume your patients, staff and visitors are currently at risk. We need to understand that your facility is the newest patient as COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for up to 28 days. With this new understanding, it's essential that we develop a way to clean and disinfect its surfaces thoroughly, even when we have limited staff.
Identify the High-Risk Areas and TouchPoint surfaces
Take a close look at what areas within your facility have lots of people passing through touching the same surfaces. Hand rails and lift buttons in public corridors. TouchPoints in public toilets, Taps, Fridge handles, Microwave panels & bins in shared canteen areas. Chairs and tables in shared dining areas. TouchPoints in personal workstations (particularly Nurses stations ) where multiple staff share keyboards and computer mouses.
Increase cleaning frequency
Thirdly, increase the frequency of cleaning from weekly to daily or from daily to hourly. Depending on how many people are moving through your facility and touching your TouchPoints. Increasing the frequency of your cleaning will minimise the chance of them touching an unclean surface.
Train all staff to be able to help keep TouchPoints clean
With many front line cleaners not coming to work at the moment you may need to find alternative ways to keep your TouchPoints clean. Using disposable ready-to-use wipes that can be used by all staff, you should be able to keep your facility clean even when cleaning staff are hard to find. Just make sure you have the right wipes on hand and your staff know how to use them.
Ensure hand washing is easy for all staff
If soap and water is not available everywhere use our TouchPoint Alcohol Hand
and surface sanitiser wipes. These can be used to sanitise hands and also sanitise TouchPoints in personal surfaces likes keyboards, computer mice and mobile phones.

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