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 Product Description
 Used For:
  Touchpoint Hand Sanitising Wipes Alcohol
Part No. INT1448HS70 (70) Part No. INTHS1000 (1000)
TouchPoint Microfibre Cleaning & Sanitising Cloths
Part No. INTMFSC50 (50)
TouchPoint Hospital Grade Disinfection Wipes (TGA Approved)
Part No. INT821331
Touchpoint 1000PPM Chlorine Isolation Wipes
Part No. INT25074241
Touchpoint P.O.S. Cleaning or Disinfection Wipes
Part No. INTHDFSW500B (500) Bucket Part No. INTHDFSW500R (500) Refill
· 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitser Wipes
· Small Tub with 70 Wipes
· Large Tub with 1000 Wipes
· Highest quality Ready-To-Use Microfibre wipes for removing 99.9% of dirt & germs from Touchpoint surfaces
· Active ingredient, Benzalkonium chloride
· 50 large microfibre wipes
· Safe to use on all surfaces
· Cleans and disinfects in one step
· TGA registered with specific claims
· Can be used all day on all surfaces
· 25 wipes per pack
· Used for disinfecting infectious areas with 1000PPM chlorine wipes
· TGA registered with specific claims
· Sanitising Hands
· Sanitising Touchpoints in personal office spaces
· Suitable for use on mobile phones and tablets
· Cleaning and removing germs from Touchpoint surfaces in high risk areas
· Cleaning glass, plastic and metal surfaces requiring minimal amounts of moisture
· Cleaning and Disinfecting surfaces where a TGA registered disinfectant with specific claims for bacteria and viruses is required
· Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces requiring constant disinfection
· Disinfection of surfaces in single rooms where a 1000PPM chlorine disinfection is required in a safer and easier to prepare
                  Part No. INT9125LCPD Part No. INTFSWB1000 Part No. INTFSWR1000
Dispenser (1000) Bucket (1000) Refill
· Safer and more effective than traditional bleach products
· 90 Large wipes prepared on site with your own cleaning or disinfecting solution
· Dispensers from 4L bucket with special lid to keep wipes fresh
· Fits onto Interclean Trolleys
· Cleaning or Disinfection of surfaces in multiple areas where you require a better and more cost-effective way to wipe surfaces with your own cleaning solution or disinfectant
· 5 extra large wipes per pack way

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