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        Beginning January 2022 our agency changed from a monthly newsletter to a
        monthly blog, commentary, or article. Each month a topical article is published in
        the areas of Expert Legal Investigations and Medicolegal Consultations of Personal
        Injury, Negligence and Death in Civil, Criminal and Probate litigation.

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        New Commentary: Death and Injury Investigations
                                                     What is Forensics? That depends on who is asking and why they want
                                                     to know. Essentially, it is simply the application of [fill in the specialty
                                                     blank] to the law. It is finding the evidence, analyzing the evidence and
                                                     reporting the evidence – evidentiary fact finding. For us, it is Facts Or
                                                     Reasonable Evidence Necessitating Systematic Investigative & Critical
                                                     Solutions. Your investigative education, training, background and
        experience are vital to our clients and the strategy of their legal solutions on behalf of their clients. We are all familiar
        with Forensics – and with the reality, not fiction.
        -- continued below

        UPDATE: Your Rights and Dignity – End of Life is Not End of Dignity
        Colorado’s Senate bill recognizing the rights of visitation during times of a declared pandemic, after passing the Senate
        appears to die in the state House without a hearing in its first committee. This, after passing the Senate by 75% in favor.
        This, like other past bills for the rights of patients and families, is a disgrace to those who find their power more
        important than the rights, love and dignity of those dying and their loved ones. One party has been responsible for this,
        and the continuing events of 2020.
        -- continued below

        Agency Information & Principals' CVs - Expert Analysis / Consultations
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                             -- Your Investigators -
                             -- Dean's CV - (updated November 2021)
                             -- Karen's CV - (updated November 2021)

                             Karen provides Subject Matter Expertise on all Equivocal Deaths, and Dean has provided expert
                             consultations nationwide since 2010. Forensic and Medicolegal Death Investigations generally in
                             "the totality of the circumstances of the fatal or non-fatal event and the competency of the
                             official investigation, with respect to death investigation protocol and standards." – Civil,
                             Criminal, Probate and Interpleader litigation.

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