Page 43 - Navasota Realty Real Estate Guide Fall 2019 Volume 1
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• Find a professional REALTOR with knowledge of your specific market
• Have them explain current market conditions and give you comparable sold comps
• Your Realtor should do a Current Market Analysis for you.
• This will establish true current market value of your property.
• It is wise to make sure your REALTOR is working fulltime.
Hire a professional REALTOR who will help you understand the selling process, and what to expect when negotiating with buyers.
Most people get a loan which means that your property will have to appraise and pass inspections. Over priced properties just serve to establish that listings marked at true market value are a GOOD DEAL.
First impressions are crucial, do your best to have the lawn mowed and if possible have a few flowers, either in the yard or potted. A nice warm inviting front door helps.
Inside be sure that there are no bad odors. Even heavy cleansers or over whelming potpourri can turn off a buyer. Fresh clean and warm homey smells are best
Put away the clutter. Freshen up the decorating, make repairs as best you can.
Now relax and let the Realtor do their job. Know that you will never please everyone so don’t try. There is a match for every home. Some people like bright colors some want all neutral. Some like lots of pets, others do not want a pet at all. It is part of what a good Realtor does to match up the right buyer with the right property.
The more available you make your home for showing the faster it will sell. At least 50% of my successful sales happen without a planned appointment. Keep the property ready and be as accommodating as possible.
Once you are under contract it is time for the buyer to do inspections. Be aware of the terms in the contract regarding repairs, lender requirements and option times. A fair percentage of the contracts will fall apart for one reason or another.
If your Realtor is knowledgeable and on top of the details, He or She can often save a transaction that hits a snag.
When hiring a Realtor be sure that they are available. Buyers are shopping weekends and some evenings as well as during the week. If your Realtor can not be reached you may miss selling because the buyers will go on to other properties.
Be sure that your Realtor is familiar with the market in your area and that she will advertise your home well. Multiple Listing Services are crucial. A nice sign is also very important.
All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. All information should be independently verified. All information is subject to change without notice. 43

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