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    2019 Inventory Levels
$172 Million in 12 Months 25.6 Million was sold by Navasota Realty
Single Family
County Homes/Acreage
5.7 15.2 Navasota Realty holds over 50 Mil of the Market’s 158 Mil of current inventory
Over the years, land has proven to be the safest investment of all.
When I started in Real Estate in 2000, you could still buy land in some parts of Grimes County for $800.00 per acre. Boy what we could have done if only we had a crystal ball. Today my crystal ball is 20/20 called hindsight.
If we go back to 1823 when Steven F. Austin was settling the Old 300 you could get land free. By paying a few filing and processing fees, approximately 12.5 cents per acre, many people settled on 4600+ acres. Gradually, land prices went up from 12.5 cents per acre to $1.00 per acre.
Then in 1865 Abraham Lincoln established the Homestead Act. A man could claim 160 acres of federal land by settling it and building a 12 x 14 home. The problem was that the law failed to mention if the 12 x 14 was inches or feet. Just a small boo boo!
After WWII you could get land in Grimes County for $7 per acre. That same $7 per acre land was selling around $800 in 2000, and in today’s world is averaging $12,000 per acre. Commercial properties range from $1 per square foot to $25 per square foot in the Brazos Valley Area. An acre of land 43,560 square feet which brings land in some cases to over $1,000,000 per acre.
Let’s talk about an investment.
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