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                Cheryl Cooley
I joined Navasota Realty this year and I think it was a wise ision for my career shift. I have 20+ years experience and my
skills range from administrative work to graphic design in a multitude
of industries. Now, I have been able to harness those skills to thrive in
the real estate environment as an advertising assistant. I will start realty courses in the coming month and am excited at the prospect of fulfilling another life passion of mine in commercial and investor based real estate. I feel that I’ve landed in the perfect place to learn these skills from Nancy Perry and this unique, wonderful team of people who are so skilled in these areas.
The one thread that runs through my career path has been helping people to understand their choices so they can make decisions that expand their growth. I believe that desire will guide this new shift in my career to work closely with industry leaders to analyze their needs, evaluate options and execute the most suitable option for their requirements.
On a personal note, I’m the single mother of a grown son, Dakota, who I am very proud of. I love helping people achieve their dreams and goals. I’m an avid lover of Apple products & I am also a foodie, who loves to travel and see new beautiful places. I look forward to working with and getting to know you all!

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