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                JEANNIE BURNS
Jeannie Burns epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and creative service. She is willing to put in the work necessary to get
the job done. In October of 2019, she will retired from 20 years of service at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and took
on her role as personal assistant to the broker full-time. As a second generation Realtor, Jeannie manages the day
to day tasks for the company her mother started and she is steeped in the culture of real estate. She also
holds a realtor’s license in the field. Jeannie has worked tirelessly in this role part-time for the past 20 years giving her diversified experience including general bookkeeping, advertising, photography, and exposure to all property types including retail, office, residential, hospitality, and industrial.
Since Jeannie retired from TDCJ, she has expanding on her experience as she steps into the role of a full-time agent.
In her personal life, Jeannie is an avid lover of animals, often seen tending to horses, cats, dogs, and just about any other wayward creature that passes across the family ranch. However, her true passion is for taking care of her granddaughter Avery who brings light, joy and
bounce into everyone’s lives.
Why choose Jeannie as your real estate
agent? Because she really listens to you and will work tirelessly on your behalf!

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