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Weizmann Institute researchers are developing components and approaches destined for use in a major upgrade of the ATLAS experiment at CERN. They are also contributing new technologies vital to the search for dark matter and for planets beyond our solar system that may support life as we know it.
Weizmann particle physicists are developing novel detectors for the identi cation of neutrinos—a nearly massless type of subatomic particle that rarely interacts with normal matter—as well as for the detection of dark matter.
In astrophysics technologies, Weizmann innovators are combining cutting- edge telescope design with advanced algorithms to decipher hard-to-read messages from space. They are developing new tools for observing
the Oort Cloud, a shell of ice and rocks that orbits the sun at the furthest reaches of the solar system. And they are advancing the search for “bio- signatures” that may give us clues as whether planets in distant galaxies are capable of supporting life. All of these endeavors and more will be pursued in the Center for Advanced Physics Technologies.

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