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Space missions and particle accelerators are expensive—and that’s an understatement. But in theoretical physics, dramatic progress can be achieved by simply gathering the best minds together.
Bringing together the best minds in theoretical physics is the ”business model” behind the Schwartz/
Reisman Institute for Theoretical Physics (SRitp), established by a major gift from Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman. Under the Frontiers initiative, this initiative’s activity will be enhanced with the establishment of the Theoretical Physics Global Roundtable.
The Roundtable will o er an expanded schedule of workshops initiated by Weizmann experimentalists as well
as theorists from inside and outside the Weizmann Institute. Widening
the circle of connections that leads
to collaborative breakthroughs, the Roundtable will solidify the Weizmann Institute as the world’s premier locale for the discussions that drive forward experimental and theoretical physics.

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