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Grounded in a well-documented precedent—the Apollo e ect—the creators of ULTRASAT expect their space mission to inspire talented Israeli youth to engage with science and technology studies.
An outreach and educational program related to the scienti c topics studied by ULTRASAT,
and drawing on real ULTRASAT data, is being developed in tandem with the Weizmann Institute’s Davidson Institute of Science Education. This program will include projects tailored for students at various stages of their educational development.
The outreach and educational component is built into the design of new Frontiers building. A Weizmann Space Program Control Room will serve as an “operating theater” allowing school groups to observe and learn about the mission activity in a thrilling, inspiring atmosphere.
In addition, online curricula and activities currently being designed in partnership with the Davidson Institute will generate excitement about astrophysics—and science more broadly—in Israel and around the world. Thanks to ULTRASAT, stargazers and science lovers from the four corners of the globe are expected to come together in common appreciation for Israel’s unique scienti c contribution to space exploration and research.

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