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    District Students Celebrate
Black History Month
Imagination Education, in partnership with IMAX movie presentations came to Everett High School on February 27 for a presentation regarding Black History Month. Students were invited to attend any of the four showings that occurred throughout the day including specials about Freedom Riders and Heroes of Freedom. They could also watch “More Than a Month” a documentary from a young African American male rallying for BHM to be abolished and his reasoning behind his crusade or “A Soldier’s Story” a movie about a black Army investigator that travels to a remote military base to look into the murder of a black sergeant toward the tail end of World War II.
Imagination Education also hosted a free family movie night on the same day. The movie for the movie night was “PRIDE” featuring Terrence Howard which spotlights a trailblazing All African American high school swim team.
Of course, Everett was not the only school to celebrate the month. Eastern High School also had a special presentation. During the event, Quakers in Motion, along with special guests, performed urban and modern dance routines, one of the district’s translators, Freddy Nyembwe, performed a special tribute. Phillip Mazajen, one of our refugee students, spoke about his experience coming to America, and the Ladies of Room 203 did a group reading of Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman.”
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