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    PBIS Kickoff at Dwight Rich
Dwight Rich Academy of the Arts held their PBIS Kickoff – a pep-assembly in the gym – on February 23. PBIS, also known by the much longer Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, is a framework that includes strategies for defining, teaching, and, of course, supporting appropriate student behaviors, which, in turn, creates positive school environments for our students. This improves personal, health, social, family, work and recreation for all youth.
The Olympic closing ceremony themed assembly, saw students compete in their own version of Olympic games including tricycle races, sweep the balloons, cross country skiing, and Hungry Hungry Hippo. Winners of course received prizes! The Everett High School dance team as well as the marching band, which also performed during the event, were a hit for the PreK-6 students. Of course several speakers were able to talk to the students about what it means to be Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. And, who could forget interim principal Ray Freeze riding a pint-sized trike around the gymnasium??!
Special thanks to team attendance and Burger King for their generous donations of prizes for the event.
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