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A Note from the Artistic Director

       Welcome to Summer! We’re so happy to be bringing you our Summer Solos
       from the beautiful grounds of the Visual Arts Center of NJ. And also, to be on
       the road with The Flip Side at Daddy Matty’s BBQ!
       Our Summer Solos give artists and audiences the unique experience of a
       direct conversation from a single point of view on a variety of topics. We’re
       thrilled to represent the work of Jerico Bleu, Steve Harper, Douglas McGrath
       and Ian August in this specifically summer setting.
       Also, we’re always happy to throw a party, and Daddy Matty’s is a great new
       partner in providing The Flip Side with an opportunity to play with you while
       enjoying some yummy eats. We hope our programs are a fun part of your
       summer schedule, and we thank you for joining us.
       All the best,

                                              Laura Ekstrand
                                              Artistic Director, Vivid Stage

          Vivid Stage             Vivid Stage          Resident Ensemble
       Board of Trustees              Staff              Nicole Callender
      Diane Gallo, President      Laura Ekstrand         Clark Carmichael
       Joyce Hodgson Post,        Artistic Director    Harry Patrick Christian
         Vice-President                                   Laura Ekstrand
                                 Yolanda Fundora
    Frank Hawrusik, Treasurer   Graphics and Web Designer    Noreen Farley

      Paola Acosta, Secretary     Dave Maulbeck           Julian Gordon
           Lisa Brown            Multimedia Manager       Dave Maulbeck

          Fidel Garcia           Amy Polan Clarke         Scott McGowan
          Terri Tauber           Business Manager        Daria M. Sullivan

                                 Daria M. Sullivan        Jason Szamreta
                                 Managing Associate
      Founding Members                                   Harriett Trangucci

       Terrence P. Burnett        Logan LaMorte          Emaline Williams
         Laura Ekstrand          Box Office Manager

       Melissa Jane Martin        Melanie Wilson         Show Program
           Janet Sales          Director of Marketing &   Melanie Wilson
           Jeff Stone           Community Outreach          Advertising
                                                           Terri Tauber
                                                         Design and Layout

                   Special thanks to the Vivid Stage Board of Trustees
                         and The New Jersey Theatre Alliance

     This performance is made possible in part by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts

       Vivid Stage is a not-for-profit 501(C)3 corporation, incorporated under the laws of New Jersey
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