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of Trayvon Martin (New Freedom                   Scott McGowan has
     Theatre); Little Rock (Passage                   been seen digitally with
     Theatre); Humbug (Premiere Stages).              The Flip Side (look for us
     Film: Romance in the Digital                     on Facebook at
     Age.  @shabazzgreen                              Dreamcatcher Repertory FEAR NOT!                   Theatre). Check him out
                                                      at Virginia Musical
                  Gail Lou is an acclaimed            Theatre in the web series
                  performer, musical                  called VMT voices. Watch
                  director and vocal coach.   for Scott at the Monologues at Mondo
                  Gail has appeared in:   series in July, either digitally or live.
                  Mama I Want To Sing     Clean house and freshly painted rooms
                  (Off-Broadway), Doubt   are my specialty. Thanks to my kids
                  (regional production, as   and husband for keeping me sane.
                  Mrs. Muller), Crowns
                  (regional production, as   Amy Hadam (Stage Manager) is
     performer and musical director) and   always so thrilled to be back with
     Tommy (regional production, The Acid   Dreamcatcher! This is her eighth
     Queen) to name a few. Her vocal      season and her credits begin with The
     performances in the recording sector   Language Archive and go all the way
     include Another Day - Bobby          through to last year's String Around My
     D’Ambrosio, Producer, and You’ve Got   Finger. Amy has also stage-managed
     The Vibe on Dance Baby Records. Her   Dreamcatcher's outreach productions of
     background vocal credits include R&B,   Astonishment, How to be Old: The
     Gospel, Jazz and Classical genres. Gail   Beginner's Guide and At 93. Amy is also
     Lou has been working as a musical    the Production Stage Manager for Cape
     director throughout the tri-state area   May Stage. Other credits include: Jekyll
     for over 20 years. She has musically   & Hyde and Spamalot at Surflight
     directed for companies such as       Theatre, A Piece of My Heart and Janey
     Crossroads Theater, Pied Piper       Miller's World Tour at Speranza Theatre
     Children’s Theater, Bronx Science High   Company, Miss Witherspoon and The
     School, Together in Dance, The Theater   Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler at
     Project, The Garage Theater Group and   The Theater Project, and Talking to
     others. In addition Ms. Lou has created   Westfield and At Liberty Hall at
     several of her own pieces, including a   Premiere Stages. Amy is a proud
     one woman show titled Billie, about the   member of Actors' Equity Association.
     legendary artist Billie Holiday (co-  Jeff Knapp (Sound Designer) is has
     written by Michael Bias) and she wrote   been associated with Dreamcatcher
     the book and lyrics for an R&B musical   since The Neighborhood, working on
     titled Light and Sweet: An American   most every mainstage production since.
     Tea Opera ( music composed by Shawn   Favorite Dreamcatcher designs include
     V. Lucas ). Her children’s musical 7   The Other Place, 100 Years, The
     Good Ways featured two original pieces   Outgoing Tide, Shipwrecked, Dead and
     that received highest honors in the   Buried, and Every Brilliant Thing. Jeff is
     John Lennon Songwriting Competition,   also the resident sound designer for
     as well as a Parent’s Choice Award. Gail   Shadowland Stages in Ellenville NY.
     Lou also spends much of her time as a   He's worked at a bunch of small
                                          theatres in the tri-state area and as far
     top-line writer for Dance, R&B and   south as Florida! Most recently, Jeff has
     Gospel songs for other artists.      designed multimedia and sound for
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