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A Note from the Artistic Director

     Greetings, Everyone!
     Thanks for joining us for this Valentine’s Day Cabaret, Kindred Spirits. Some of you
     might remember that a Valentine’s Day cabaret used to be a regular thing for us
     back at the Baird Center. As our schedule changed, we moved our cabaret to the
     fall, but this time of year seems particularly right for some music.
     We hope you’ll enjoy the variety of stories told here. Each singer recorded their
     songs individually; Jeff took the tracks and polished them up, and then the singers
     and their friends and families took their own videos based on a creative discussion
     with me and Daria. Finally, I edited all the pieces together, incorporating Daria’s
     Next up is the company’s original web series, Together Apart, written by Dave
     Maulbeck and David Lee White. We love trying new things, as you can tell, so look
     out for this project by the middle of March. Please keep in touch about what you’re
     seeing from us - we will be planning for the coming season over the next months,
     one which we hope will be together, not apart.
     Health and happiness,

                                              Laura Ekstrand
                                              Artistic Director, Dreamcatcher Rep
        Dreamcatcher           Dreamcatcher            Resident Ensemble
       Board of Trustees              Staff              Nicole Callender
       Diane Gallo, President     Laura Ekstrand         Clark Carmichael
   Frank Hawrusik, Vice President   Artistic Director   Harry Patrick Christian

    Roger Vellekamp, Treasurer   Yolanda Fundora          Laura Ekstrand
                              Graphics and Web Designer    Noreen Farley
          Paola Acosta

        Georgette Barnes          Dave Maulbeck           Julian Gordon
                                 Multimedia Manager       Dave Maulbeck
          Jill Bernstein
           Lisa Brown             Calvin L. Hayes         Scott McGowan
                                 Business Manager        Daria M. Sullivan
       Joyce Hodgson Post
          Terri Tauber            Emily Williams          Jason Szamreta
                                 Box Office Manager      Harriett Trangucci

                                  Melanie Wilson
      Founding Members          Director of Marketing &   Show Program
                                Community Outreach
       Terrence P. Burnett                                Melanie Wilson
         Laura Ekstrand                                     Advertising
       Melissa Jane Martin                                 Terri Tauber
           Janet Sales                                   Design and Layout
           Jeff Stone

                  Special thanks to the Dreamcatcher Board of Trustees
                         and The New Jersey Theatre Alliance

     This performance is made possible in part by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts

    Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(C)3 corporation, incorporated under the
                                 laws of New Jersey
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