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Scott McGowan            Affairs. His original web series SEND ME
                 (Husband) has been seen   - about time traveling black people -
                 digitally with The Flip Side   premiered on to 1.66 million
                 (look for us on Facebook   views and garnered a 2016 Emmy
                 at Dreamcatcher          nomination for series lead Tracie Thoms.
                 Repertory Theatre). Check   His plays have been workshopped and
                 him out at Virginia Musical   produced in New York, L.A. and in
                 Theatre in the web series   between. As an actor, he’s worked in
     called VMT voices. Watch for Scott at   theater, film TV and commercials. Steve
     the Monologues at Mondo series in July,   coaches writers and artists through his
     either digitally or live. Clean house and   company Your Creative Life.
     freshly painted rooms are my specialty.          Mark Spina (Director) is
     Thanks to my kids and husband for                forced to work in the
     keeping me sane.
                                                      theater to support his
                 Daria M. Sullivan (Actor             teaching habit, having
                 B) - she/her/hers - is a             wisely chosen two
                 NJ/NYC based actor                   remarkably
                 (EMC), director, teaching            unremunerative career
                 artist, and writer. Theatre          paths. He began his
                 credits include Be Here              teaching career at the
                 Now and Continuing the   Paterson Adult Learning Center, an
                 Conversation             award-winning alternative high school
                 (Dreamcatcher Repertory
     Theatre) and Unveiling Liberty       and job training/placement center,
     (Speranza Theatre Company). She      where he was mentored by stellar
     recently voiced AMINATA and          educators Irene Frankl, Joy Noren, Ralph
     CUSTOMER for Cocotazo Media’s audio   Colognori, Ann Custer, Doug Pillsbury,
     fiction series, Timestorm. Her episodes   Sharon Jones Rudolph and Liz Steinberg,
     will be released in May (see:        who let him sing show tunes every Directing credits   morning to warm up for teaching. The
     include I Am The Gooseking by Ben    Association for Life Long Learning named
     Firke (The Tank). Daria wrote a one act   him Teacher of the Year in nnnn
     play (Somewhere in Between), which   (redacted) for his work using video and
     was produced by playwright/author    role-play in training non-native
     Kathleen George at the University of   employees in hospital settings.  A
     Pittsburgh. Daria is a proud member of   graduate of Connecticut College and the
     the NYC based film collective, Burn It   Eugene O’Neill Center’s National Theater
     Down (BiD); she did sound mixing and   Institute, and founding artistic director
     art direction for previous BiD films and
     will be script supervisor for their next   of The Theater Project, Mark has been
     film this spring. She is also looking   honored with three “Best Director”
     forward to assistant directing       citations by The Star-Ledger. He enjoys
     Dreamcatcher’s spring show: Ways To   working with new playwrights to develop
     Be Happy by David Lee White. Daria is   original scripts and welcomes
     particularly invigorated by stories   submissions to The Theater Project’s
     centering on Black women. Want to    Playwrights Workshop. Mark is keenly
     create together? Shoot her an email at   aware that teaching taught him how to Training: BA,   direct, and theater taught him how to
     University of Pittsburgh.            teach.
                 Steve Harper                        Tracy Jones
                 (Playwright)  is a writer
                 and actor. He served as              Angela Della Ventura
                 producer on the CBS show             (Eleanor)  is pleased to
                 God Friended Me. He was              work with Dreamcatcher
                 co-producer on the                   again having previously
                 upcoming HBO Max series              performed in Parallel Lives,
                 Tell Me Your Secrets and             Wonder of the World, and
                 wrote for ABC’s American             various readings along the
     Crime (created by John Ridley) and two           way. Other New Jersey
     seasons on the USA network’s Covert              theater credits include New
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