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applications. These high-performance plugs and sealed receptacles have five high-voltage contacts, satisfy key design requirements for ruggedness, reliability, and durability, and ensure that the SterOx solution meets the stringent safety standards required for medical devices.
» The SteriLux SterOx System employs high-performance Fischer Core Series connectors, which were selected for their ruggedness, reliability, and durability in harsh operating conditions.
3. What are the key technical requirements for rugged connectors?
The challenge is to find the sweet spot between innovative use and unfailingly reliable operation. When you first start designing your connector solution, you should work closely with your supplier to determine the right level of sealing, shielding, number of mating cycles, and temperature rating that you need for your unique application. When you fully understand the end-use application environment, you can select properties that will protect your solution from such aggressors as abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, shock, and vibration. Other important factors to consider are durability, plug-and-play technology, blind mating, overall usability, and cleanability.
» Nine key characteristics you should consider when selecting a rugged connector.

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