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» This diagram illustrates four different sealing locations that help create an IP68 rating in Fischer Core Series plugs and receptacles.
Case Study #3: Sealed, Versatile Fiber Optic Solutions for Optimal Data Management in the America’s Cup
Reliable electronics and data management on an America’s Cup yacht, such as American Magic’s Patriot, are crucial to high-end racing success. Races can be won or lost in the design, construction, and/or operational phases since success is often measured in just fractions of a second. Sensors — sometimes more than 400 per boat — gather real-time data for immediate decision-making to enhance connected teams’ performance. Massive data streams are processed constantly to feed models, trigger alarms, and help sailors adjust for wind, attitude, and stresses on the boat. As such, it is essential that the sensors and connectivity solutions deliver fast and accurate data. The compact, versatile Fischer FiberOptic Series is used to reduce weight and increase data transfer rates on the Patriot, as well as to ease installation, maintenance, and cleaning processes, which gives the team a critical edge. These connectors also provide IP67/IP68 (unmated/mated) environmental sealing, which gives them the ability to withstand saltwater ingress and spray, and support 1,000 mating cycles in extreme temperatures.
» Electronics play a key role in crossing the finish line first, especially when dealing with ever-changing wind and wave conditions. Fischer Connectors is a connectivity sponsor for the American Magic team, which uses small, sealed Fischer FiberOptic connectors to reduce weight and increase data transfer rates with no loss and minimal delays. (Image copyrighted by Amory Ross, NYYC American Magic.)

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