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5. Which international standards are relevant?
The toughest applications require connectors to undergo stringent and thorough testing according to international industry and military standards by organizations including the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), and the U.S. Military, which oversees the MIL-STD-202 and MIL-STD-810 standards. These tests define the criteria for environmental (e.g., sealing, temperature, and corrosion), mechanical (e.g., vibration, endurance, and mating/unmating force), and electrical (e.g., voltage, current, shielding efficacy, and contact, shell, and insulation resistance) tests on electronic and electrical components in realistic operating conditions.
6. Which tests should be conducted?
The only way to ensure that innovative connectivity solutions are ideally suited to applications that require faultless precision, high performance, and lasting durability is to put them through a battery of mechanical and environmental tests. These can include tests for endurance (e.g., the number of mating operations and full rotations), bending and flexing (e.g., the number of oscillations), random vibration (e.g., acceleration), immersion (e.g., IP68 sealing for depth or duration), field cleaning capabilities, corrosion resistance (e.g., exposure to chemicals or salt), and extreme temperatures (e.g., -55°C to +135°C).
» Eight tests and proofs have been conducted in Fischer Connectors’ laboratory and in the field on the seven-pin Fischer LP360 connector, which was the first product released in the Fischer Freedom Series.
7. Where to obtain expert advice and customized solutions?
Top manufacturers specializing in rugged connectivity work closely with their customers to develop customized solutions for any application. For instance, rugged connectors need equally rugged cable assemblies to ensure they work in tough environments (e.g., medical device manufacturers often look for silicone cables with low-friction coatings), but few OEMs make cable assemblies in-house. So, customers should consult with a specialty cable assembly provider or a connector manufacturer with proven experience in cabling for advice about specific cables, overmolds, and assemblies that will create the best rugged interconnect solution for your application. Lead times
. Up to IP68 / IP69 unmated
Up to 10,000 mating cycles
. Up to 1,000 h salt-mist spray
. 360° EMC shielding
. Signal and power
. Customized solutions available

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