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» The full pin-count and profile height range for standard catalog versions AirBorn’s Z Series Solderless Compression Interposers.
• Short signal paths that ensure excellent signal integrity for both high-frequency analog and digital applications.
• Low, stable resistance.
• High-cycle lifetimes often only limited by the pad plating thickness, with typical durability ratings extending from 20,000 to 300,000 mating cycles for some types of interposers.
• Widespread compatibility with unique body styles and contact arrangements utilizing standard component form factors.
• Very lightweight, which is ideal for applications including military and commercial aircraft and drones.
• Single-connector solutions with no need for mating connectors, which shortens signal paths and reduces costs as well as potential points of failure.
• Support for land grid array (LGA) applications including microprocessors.
• Compatibilitywithflexcircuitassemblies,whichfurthereliminatethebulkassociatedwithtraditionalmatedpairs of connectors.
» AirBorn’s versatile Z Series interposers can be used to create intricate, low-profile, and space-saving 3-D routed flexible circuit assemblies optimized for a wide range of high-reliability, harsh-environment applications.
Types of Solderless Compression Interposers
Not all solderless compression interposers are created the same or equipped to deliver equivalent performance. The right version depends on the unique needs of the application at hand, and versions differ by the type of contacts they employ. Options include fine-wire-spring contacts, spring-loaded contacts, ball-spring-loaded contacts, spring contacts, and compression contacts.

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