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However, EMRs arc when contacts open and close, which can affect nearby equipment sensitive to radio frequency interference (RFI). Consequently, EMRs are suitable in applications with heavy surge currents or spike voltages that tolerate RFI. Relay manufacturers should be consulted for SSR and EMR selections that fit particular applications.
Follow the Wire to Meet High-Power Challenges
To uncover hidden factors compromising power and signal reliability, designers can employ a follow-the-wire methodology. Success depends on viewing interconnects holistically, as part of the system, rather than as an afterthought. In other words, every connection counts. Industry standards groups also provide insights to solve technology problems at the sub-system and component level.
ยป A wide range of TE Connectivity products address the unique needs of UAM and eVTOL projects.
Solution providers with extensive expertise in high-power applications and a broad product portfolio can help designers strike the right balance between performance, cost, and time to market. Designers who need to rapidly iterate prototypes and products benefit by working with a manufacturer who can design, customize, manufacture, and implement all the components along the wire. A connectivity partner with broad experience can also offer innovative solutions that help eVTOL and UAM projects soar over roadblocks.
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