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Optimizing Push-On Connector Design to Increase Reliability and Reduce Installation Time
Steve Begley, RF/Microwave Product Manager, Defense & Space, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
From radars, missiles, satellites, and forward-looking infrared systems to electronic warfare and communication systems, defense applications must withstand some of the harshest environments while providing reliable connections so that military organizations can operate with efficiency and confidence. Maintaining these connections can be difficult as technology continues to drive innovation and new markets, such as 5G, emerge and require even smaller interconnect solutions.
To perform in these environments, interconnect solutions that support complex, high-performing microwave systems must satisfy exacting size and weight requirements, as well as a range of unique application needs, and improve reliability and durability. SMP and SMPM connectors are typically used in high-density, high-frequency applications to satisfy the demand for increased package density and weight reduction. However, standard SMP and SMPM connectors don’t always meet these demands, as they are difficult to assemble quickly in the manufacturing process, can cause failure early in the product life cycle due to defects such as the popcorn effect, and require further modifications to meet specific system needs.
The next evolution in push-on connector technology incorporates pre-tinned and embossed features to improve system performance by offering a compact and buildable solution that balances size and weight requirements with manufacturers’ unique system needs. In addition to increased reliability, pre-tinned and embossed features help manufacturers increase speed-to-market, cutting costs along the way. These innovations in push-on connector technology reflect an increasing need for solutions that address standard, industry-wide concerns while maintaining the flexibility to meet specific customer needs at competitive prices.
» Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ (CarlisleIT) pre-tinned push-on “boss” PCB connectors represent the next evolution in SMP and SMPM connector bodies for PCB applications. These connectors are designed to satisfy the demand for increased package density and reduced weight in microwave systems.
Addressing the Popcorn Effect
By leveraging SMP and SMPM connectors that combine pre-tinned and embossed features, manufacturers can eliminate common failures associated with these applications and therefore increase the reliability of the entire microwave system.

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