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Connector Innovations for Wearable Soldier Systems
One connector industry response to these new requirements is a new generation of magnetic latching connectors with modern capabilities. Through collaboration with market leaders and program managers, a new generation of blind-mateable, self-aligning, quick-disconnect connectors are being introduced to market.
» Amphenol has developed a new generation of magnetic-latching connectors to address the rapidly evolving needs of soldier- worn applications. Amphenol Pcd’s Gladiator connectors are blind-mateable, self-aligning, quick-disconnect connectors borne out of extensive collaboration with market leaders and program managers.
Amphenol Pcd’s latest contribution to this connector category is its Gladiator connector series. Introduced to market in October 2020, these small, lightweight, and low-profile connectors are designed for soldier-worn applications, including data sharing, battery charging, and peripheral connectivity. Receptacles can be panel-mounted, clipped to MOLLE (modular, lightweight, load-carrying equipment) pack straps, or sewn in place, and plugs can easily be routed through MOLLE pack straps for convenient cable management. The series has a magnetic mating mechanism that automatically orients and aligns connectors for quick and easy mating, a rolling latch that secures the connectors in place and prevents inadvertent un-mating, and an IP67-rated (1m, 1hr) silicone gasket interfacial seal that ensures both the individual spring-pin contacts and the mated connectors are sealed. Gladiator connectors are also equipped with shock- and vibration-resistant spring pins to ensure high-signal-integrity performance in even the harshest environments. The signal pins can support USB 2.0 data transmission with 90Ω impedance, while the power and ground pogo pins can handle 5A continuous current. The series also offers first-mate, last-break pogo-pin ground contacts, factory-adjustable engagement and disengagement forces to meet specific customer requirements, and complete cable assemblies equipped with 28 or 22AWG flat or round cable. It is rated for 2,000 mating cycles in operating temperatures extending from -65°C to +80°C.

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