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» Amphenol LTD’s Stingray, also available from Amphenol Pcd.
The first Amphenol product in this category, Amphenol LTD’s Stingray, was released to market in May 2018, and is a compact, low-profile, environmentally sealed, and self-aligning connector that sits flat against the body to prevent snagging and damage. Optimized for body-worn soldier systems that utilize USB 2.0 and Ethernet protocols, Stingray connectors are an excellent solution for audio, power, and data signals in applications including computers, routers, and headsets. These ruggedized connectors are sealed against rain, dust, dirt, and chemicals to ensure high reliability in harsh environments and have an unkeyed magnetic mating system that eliminates pre-alignment and manual coupling requirements and enables quick, easy, and accurate mating. The magnetic mating system also provides semi-blind-mating, allows for variable 0–360° cable exit angles for improved routing flexibility, and prevents inadvertent damage if the user forgets to unmate the connector. Stingray connectors also have a wipe-clean interface with spring-loaded pogo contacts, last-mate contacts that allow for the hot-swapping of equipment and signals, and IP68 sealing, and are rated for more than 5,000 mating cycles.
   Two Applications, Two Connectors
Here, we’ll put ourselves in the shoes of a design engineer working to select the right connector for two different soldier-wearable technologies.

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