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the need to service equipment and can even be used to pinpoint the specific component or components that need to be repaired or replaced. Vibration sensors can be used to measure slight changes in vibration for predictive and preventive maintenance applications, ensuring factory operations stay up and run efficiently. Sensors can be embedded within the controls and equipment using board mountable accelerometers or mounted externally using ruggedized and sealed plug-and-play or wireless accelerometers. Industrial accelerometers need to be designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of general industrial applications with high sensitivity, resolution, and bandwidth to accurately monitor varying levels of vibration in critical machine applications.
» As factories are becoming more automated, sensors are being used to capture critical performance data for improved efficiency of factory machinery. The triaxial embedded 830M1 accelerometer from TE Connectivity offers advanced acceleration sensing for machine health monitoring in applications where wide bandwidth, small size, low power, and robust performance are essential.
Pressure Sensors
Pressure sensors are used to measure liquid or gas pressure in applications ranging from industrial process control and HVACR systems to industrial pumps and compressors and, as such, must often be made to reliably withstand exposure to severe media such as contaminated water and mildly corrosive fluids. Pressure sensors also play a critical role in industrial applications like process control and monitoring, pumps and compressors, and a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Low-pressure sensors can be used to monitor air flow in HVACR systems, as well as to determine when filters need to be replaced. As factories are becoming smarter and more connected, companies are deploying more intelligent and sophisticated solutions. Some pressure sensors now have built-in Bluetooth connectivity, which allows for wireless monitoring while maintaining high performance in rough industrial environments.
» Ideal for use in smart factories, the M5600 wireless pressure transducer from TE Connectivity’s Microfused line is enclosed in a stainless steel and polycarbonate housing and is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments.
TE’s embedded 830M1 accelerometer offers advanced acceleration sensing for machine health monitoring where small size, low power, and robust performance are essential.

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