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» Designed for industrial applications where digital output and high accuracy are essential, TE Connectivity’s KMA36 contactless magnetic encoder uses AMR technology to sense rotary and linear position.
Fluid Property Sensors
Industrial environments require effective, multi-parametric solutions for monitoring lubricants and oils utilized in equipment and systems. Fluid property sensors are designed to continuously monitor oil and lubricant properties, ensure that they are working effectively, and indicate when they need to be replaced, as lubrication is essential for both efficient machine operation and maximizing the longevity of the equipment. The industrial environments in which these sensors are used are often quite challenging, with high levels of dirt and vibration and significant temperature swings. So, in order to provide accurate and reliable data, these sensors must be housed in rugged packaging and optimized to withstand years of exposure to harsh conditions while still providing durable, long-term performance.
» Optimized for oil condition monitoring, TE Connectivity’s FPS2800 oil property sensor is designed to measure multiple physical properties of fluids. By leveraging tuning fork technology, this single sensor can simultaneously measure dynamic viscosity, density, dielectric constant, and temperature to provide enhanced fluid analysis.
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