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Five Reasons to Use Modular Components for Rectangular Connectors in Your Rapid Prototyping Project
Dean W. Smith, Product Marketing Specialist – Industrial Field Connectivity, Phoenix Contact USA
Rectangular connectors for heavy-duty industrial applications are widely available. However, with thousands of options available from many different suppliers, finding the perfect set to knock out your prototype quickly can be a challenge. Luckily, modular components for rectangular connectors offer a core set of components that can be combined in a variety of configurations to fit nearly all applications.
Modular components allow for a relatively small set of inserts and housings to be combined in multiple ways. They are widely stocked and can be easily combined to rapidly complete a prototype assembly. Here’s a look at five reasons why modular components for rectangular connectors are perfect for rapid prototyping.
» Phoenix Contact recently launched its new HeavyCORE program, which puts stocking priority on a select group of HEAVYCON heavy-duty rectangular connector products prioritized for their ability to boost productivity, simplify inventory management, and enable versatility during the assembly and installation processes. The complete HEAVYCON line is comprised of thousands of different components that can be assembled into more than 70 million different combinations, but many common application requirements can be satisfied with a much smaller selection of HeavyCORE components, which are also available for fast shipping and delivery.
Size Constraints
More often than not, when you compare the typical contact densities of fixed and modular inserts, you can achieve a higher density of contacts using modular inserts. It can seem counterintuitive, given that more space needs to be allotted to holding modular inserts in place, but density increases of up to 100% can be achieved by simply moving

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