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The HEAVYCON line offers more than 50 modular contact inserts for data, signal, power, and even pneumatic transmissions. The innovative snap-in frames have sturdy catch springs for quick mounting and fit all HEAVYCON STANDARD, EVO, and ADVANCE housings. Many are also HEAVYCORE components, which offer extra-fast delivery.
Samtec’s rugged Edge Rate contact system is optimized for high signal integrity performance in high-speed, high-cycle applications. Edge Rate contacts have a smooth, milled mating surface that mitigates wear tracks, increases contact durability and cycle life, reduces insertion and withdrawal forces, and supports zippered unmating.
Samtec’s mPower Ultra Micro Power system improves the flexibility of board-to-board (BTB) connections. The two-piece, blade contact socket and terminal strips offer 2–5 pins on a 2mm pitch with mated heights of 5–12mm and can be used as a power-only BTB connectors or with other connectors for power and signal applications.
Designed for ease of use and high reliability, D Series Quick-Disconnect Plastic Connectors have a simple, push- button latch, a D-shaped flange that makes mating orientation obvious, and recessed contact terminations. They are available in three sizes and seven layouts with 3–25 crimp or solder cup contacts each rated for 1–8A.
SpaceNXT Aurora Series connectors are the first COTS Plus 2mm hard metric backplane connectors tested and qualified to ESA ESCC 3401 specifications. Currently available in three sizes, these durable connectors are ideal for LEO satellites and offer improved durability and resistance to fretting corrosion.
This 2.92mm Female-to-Female Bulkhead Hermetic Adapter was developed for use to 40GHz. It mates with SMA and 3.5mm connectors, has thicker walls than standard SMAs, and has shorter male pins than SMA or 3.5mm solutions to ensure that the outer contacts engage before the pin and receptacle to reduce wear and mating stress.

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