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New 867 Series pre-wired, spring- loaded connectors combine two- position headers with high-reliability, 2.54mm-pitch pogo pins and 12”, 24AWG stranded pigtails to provide cost-effective, quick-connect solutions for wire termination with ≥8lbs retention force in applications including battery charging and low-power delivery.
Omniball spring-loaded SMT, solder- tail, and solder-cup contacts replace the traditional plunger mechanism
with an innovative, patent-pending rolling ball interface that allows mating components to engage in lateral, rotational, and angular alignments and provides optimal electrical, mechanical, and structural reliability.
Phoenix Contact M8 and M12 circular, two-piece, SMT connectors are sealed to IP67, rated for up to 4A, and available with A, B, or D coding. M8 plugs offer 3–8 pins and are rated for up to 50V. M12 plugs and receptacles offer 3–17 positions and 30–250V ratings. Both exhibit mechanical strength similar to through-hole solutions.
Phoenix Contact Hazardous Relays
are triple-rated (UL C1D2, ATEX, and IECEx) for global suitability in hazardous applications. The slim, pluggable
relays have PLC interfaces with SPDT
or DPDT contacts and screw or push-
in connections, are rated for up to 250VAC/DC, and connect to system cabling using V8 adapters.
Designed for heavy-duty, harsh- environment applications including PA systems, signage, LED screens, and lighting, the etherCON True Outdoor Protection (TOP) Series NE8MX-TOP cable connector carrier (shell, chuck, and boot) accepts most RJ45 plugs
and 5–8mm OD cable, includes IP65 sealing and a robust lock, and is UL 50E certified.
HEAVYCON EVO connectors are suitable for most applications that require robust plug-and-play solutions. The high-performance plastic or metal housings have swivel-adjustable cable outlets and integrated bayonet locks that reduce parts requirements by 70% and deliver IP66 or IP67 sealing and IK09 shock-proof protection.

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