Page 74 - 2021 High-Reliability, Harsh Environment Connectivity eBook
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ERNI serves the high-reliability, harsh- environment medical market with MicroSpeed connectors capable of
up to 25Gb/s and 18A, SMC cable assemblies for critical devices like ventilators, and MaxiBridge connectors, which offer a variety of pin counts
and types with ratings up to 12A per contact and optional color coding.
Featuring more than 20,000 standard circular connectors and highly customizable contact configurations, the Fischer Core Series delivers high- performance push-pull connector and cable assembly solutions for virtually any application. Categories include Brass, Stainless Steel, AluLite, Plastic, Disposable, and Broadcast.
The Fischer MiniMax Series of miniature, rugged, and ultra-high- density mixed power and signal connectors provides up to 75% weight savings and 45% space savings, up
to 10Gb/s data transfer, and 5,000 mating cycles. Compatible with USB 3.0, HDMI, and Ethernet protocols, it offers three locking systems and can be sealed to IP68.
The Fischer UltiMate Series is rugged, reliable, compact, lightweight, and highly configurable. It offers robust mechanical keying, IP68/69 sealing even unmated, 360° shielding, exceptional corrosion, shock, and vibration resistance, and 10,000-cycle durability ideal for harsh military, industrial, and transportation systems.
The Fischer FiberOptic Series provides faultless optical performance in a
wide range of indoor, outdoor, and extreme-environment applications. It has a user-friendly push-pull mating design, enables easy in-field cleaning and maintenance, and provides environmental protection in both mated (IP68) and unmated (IP67) conditions.
Designed for high-power applications like battery charging and management, the new Kona connectors have 2–4 six-finger BeCu contacts rated for up
to 60A each on an 8.5mm pitch. They also employ Harwin’s innovative mate- before-lock mechanism, shrouded contacts, and polarization and are rated for up to 3,000V and 250 mating cycles.

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