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    TTI, INC.
Amphenol ICC’s Minitek Multipitch 1.25mm WTB connectors are built to address miniaturization demands across multiple markets. They’re available in single- and double-row configurations with 2–15 or 10–30 pins, active latching, optional TPA and CPA features, and a 1A current carrying capacity and accept 28–26 AWG wire.
TOPJOB S Double-Deck Push-Button Terminal Blocks are optimized for space-constrained industrial wiring applications. They have intuitive orange pushbuttons that provide a clear indication of where the operating tool should be applied, as well as positive feedback during actuation, and will never stick in the open position.
26xx Series PCB terminal blocks and pluggable PCB connectors for power electronics are compact and equipped with WAGO’s exclusive Push-in CAGE CLAMP technology, which quickly and easily terminates 24–4AWG solid and finely stranded ferruled conductors and reliably transmits currents up to 66A in demanding industrial environments.

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