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Stewart Connector’s new M12 X-Code Cable Assemblies feature shielded, TPE-jacketed cable terminated with robust, IP67-rated, eight-pin M12 X-code plugs on both ends. The assemblies support 10Gb/s Ethernet, Modbus, PROFINET, and EtherCAT communications and are ideal for
use in harsh-environment industrial automation equipment.
TE Connectivity’s 8911 Wireless Accelerometer is compact, durable, rugged, and reliable; built to LoRaWAN Class A specifications; and designed
to minimize equipment downtown, maximize availability, and reduce installation costs by continuously monitoring vibration levels in industrial and edge computing applications.
M5600 Wireless Pressure Transducers for liquid and gas pressure measurement have a waterproof stainless steel and polycarbonate housing and a high-accuracy, 24-bit ADC digital output that eliminates hard wiring and enables remote process control and monitoring via Bluetooth 4.0 in industrial, HVAC, and off-road applications.
DEUTSCH 369 series connectors are lightweight, compact, cost-effective, fully sealed, and scoop-proof and are proven to maintain high-reliability connections in civil aerospace cabin systems that require few contacts and no shielding. The series supports quick and easy installation and maintenance and versatile cable tie mounting.
Raychem High-Speed Copper Cables offer a range of rugged solutions
that support 10Gb/s Ethernet, 150Ω Fibre Channel, FireWire, and USB communication protocols in operating temperatures up to 200°C and improve electrical performance and signal integrity in today’s commercial and military aerospace, defense, and marine applications.
Molex Mini-Fit Sigma Sealed connectors are available in BTB, WTB, and WTW configurations with TPA, keying, and polarization features and a corresponding double crimp tool. They support operating temperatures up to +125°C in applications including industrial automation, commercial vehicles, home appliances, and consumer electronics.

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