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Sure-Seal IP67 M8 Connectors are ideal for sensor connections in industrial control networks. They comply with IEC-61076-2-104 and offer 3–8
poles, A and B coding, panel-mount configurations with solder cups,
PC tails, or flying leads, and cable assemblies with PUR or PVC jackets, optional shielding, and standard or custom lengths.
PEI-Genesis offers LEMO’s B-Series push-pull connectors, which feature a secure, push-pull latching system for quick and easy mating/unmating, high-density panel spacing, 360° EMI shielding, and modular insert configurations, and are ideal for use in medical and dental equipment including disposable sensors and catheters.
New plug-and-play Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) device and cable connectors are compact, standardized to IEC 63171-2 and -5 (IP20 and IP67), and designed for future-proof office and industrial networking. They can transmit 1Gb/s and 50W over 1,000m of cable and offer single- and multi-port pin patterns for high packing densities.
M12 Power connectors and cable assemblies deliver maximum power (up to 16A vs. 4A max. for traditional M12s) in a compact, IEC 61076-2-111 compliant and UL-approved plug- and-play design with five codings (S, T, K, L, and M), IP65/67 sealing, and optional 360° shielding and are ideal for industrial devices, panels, and equipment.
SMP-MAX subminiature 50Ω board- to-board coaxial connectors support large misalignment tolerances with
a patented impedance-matching insulator optimized for gaps of at least 2.0mm (300% more than a standard SMP) and enable DC–6GHz wireless applications including broadcast, telecom, and RF equipment with a 1.2 max. VSWR from DC–3GHz.
IMP-LP 50Ω coaxial connectors have
a small, solderless, single-piece
design with an ultralow BTB distance
of 1.34mm, a minimum diameter of 3.9mm, and elastic contacts that deliver excellent RF performance in high-shock and -vibration mil/aero applications up to 18GHz, including embedded radar and electronic warfare systems.

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