Page 101 - 2020 Interconnect Innovations eBook
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iON EV clad is a proprietary, highly conductive silver alloy optimized to offer a drop-in replacement for pure silver in fast-charging, high-power, DC electric vehicle charging connectors. It has a low coefficient of friction
and provides stable high-current and -temperature performance over 10,000+ connection cycles.
QMet 300 (copper-chromium-silver) strip alloy exhibits higher conductivity than other high-strength alloys, plus sharp formability and high stress relaxation resistance, and enables compact, high-current, and high- heat-transfer components for EVs, automotive wiring, appliances, computers, PV systems, and consumer electronics.
The METZ CONNECT Modbus Gateway MR-GW helps integrate up to 32 Modbus RTU devices, like sensors and actuators, into a Modbus TCP network to enable simple, cost-effective Ethernet communication between Modbus TCP clients and one or more fieldbus-level Modbus RTU slaves in industrial and building automation systems’ IP networks.
Mikron Multistar versatile rotary transfer machines offer full-CNC and mechanically actuated versions with 24 stations and up to four simultaneous cycles and can precision-machine an array of small steel, non-ferrous metal, or aluminum parts with 0.4–35mm diameters and lengths up to 65mm at rates spanning 150–600 parts/minute.
Mikron’s high-precision rotary transfer machines offer eight to 24 stations and deliver amongst the industry’s best piece rates, up to 28,000/hour, as well as high process efficiency and cost-per- part savings. They can also machine directly from wire, machine entire
parts in a single operating cycle, and precisely debur parts.
Omniball spring-loaded SMT, solder- tail, and solder-cup contacts replace the traditional plunger mechanism
with an innovative, patent-pending rolling ball interface that allows mating components to engage in lateral, rotational, and angular alignments and provides optimal electrical, mechanical, and structural reliability.

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