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FH62 Series compact FPC connectors combine low insertion force with high retention force and a single-action
lock for improved reliability in portable consumer and medical electronics. They’re 1.1mm high x 4mm wide with 35 pins on a 0.25mm pitch and support USB 3.0, Embedded DisplayPort v1.3, and MIPI D-PHY v1.1 standards.
FH67 Series vertical FPC connectors have a rugged, heat-, shock-, and vibration-resistant high-retention-force design with a 5.2mm height profile, wide tapers for smooth and easy FPC/ FFC insertion, a single-action lock,
30 pins with two-point independent contact springs on a 0.5mm pitch, and a ground pin for EMI protection.
MHF 7S micro RF coaxial connectors have a 2.0 x 2.0mm footprint, a 1.40mm max. mated height, and
a unique shielding design — the industry’s first stripline-terminated signal pin in a receptacle grounding ring — that improves EMI performance in millimeter-wave applications up to 15GHz, including 5G base stations and antenna systems.
TE Connectivity’s P-Clamps are made of lightweight, aerospace-grade PEEK polymer and available in 10 sizes that cover the same 21 sizes as standard metal AS21919 P-Clamps, provide up to 25% weight savings and comparable physical strength, and enable tool-free installation and increased flexibility in electrical and fluid systems.
KW03 Series cable connectors are rugged, lightweight, and ergonomic and support safe, intuitive, single- action operation in EV charging and discharging applications including medium-speed EV chargers and V2G charging systems. They are compliant with CHAdeMO v1.2, EVPS-002 v2.1, RoHS, CE, and UL requirements and rated for 80A and 500VDC.
JAE’s FO-BD7 Series environmentally resistant optical communication connectors are designed for outdoor equipment including miniature 5G base stations. They have an optical module (SFP+, SFP28, etc.) in the plug, as well as IP67 sealing, and are optimized for space savings, thermal management, and easy optical module replacement.

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