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The Wearin’ connected vest is a flexible connectivity system with a single central power source and integrated data and power buses that eliminate the weight and mobility constraints of external wires and breakout cables. It features Fischer Freedom Series connectors and supports active devices and very short cable connections.
HARTING’s robust, fully shielded T1 Industrial connector is the standard IEC 63171-6 mating face for Industrial Single-Pair Ethernet. It supports common Industrial Ethernet protocols and PoDL transmission with a single pair of twisted wires to reduce device connections, eliminate power supplies, and enable future-proof SPE networks.
Han S connectors provide secure connections for modular energy storage systems made of lithium-ion cells, meet the latest UL 4128 standards, and have compact, flexible housings with freely rotating mounting, intuitive locking,
and mechanical coding mechanisms, black and red color-coding, and contacts rated for up to 200A.
Gecko-MT series connectors are compact, low-profile, and lightweight high-reliability power and signal connectors with two or four 10A power contacts and eight 2A signal contacts on a 1.25mm pitch. They’re ideal for stacking and cable mating in high- density applications exposed to shock and vibration and are now available pre-wired.
Molex’s off-the-shelf LTE/5G
Cellular External Antennas provide multiprotocol solutions with superior coverage and reliability, high efficiency, and peak gain and are ideal for 2G–5G wireless and networking applications in the appliance, datacom, telecom, automotive, transportation, and consumer electronics markets.
Molex Contrinex Inductive and Photoelectric Sensors for automotive and industrial use are extremely small, strong, and resistant to shock, vibration, contaminants, liquids, and chemicals. The former offers M8–M30 sizes and a range of 40mm; the latter has patented UV technology to detect transparent objects up to 1,200mm away.

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