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Three Key Connectivity Requirements for Autonomous Delivery Robots
Alexis Hancock, Digital Marketing Specialist, NorComp
Autonomous delivery robots are becoming a new way of life, bringing food, medicine, and everyday packages to people’s doorsteps without the direct involvement of another person. Leveraging technologies comparable to those employed in autonomous cars, autonomous delivery robots are sent from their hubs onto streets and sidewalks to deliver various products from companies including FedEx, Amazon, and Domino’s Pizza. To achieve this task, autonomous robots require dense networks of connector technologies proven to maintain seamless connectivity and ensure maximum reliability. Here we’ll touch on three connectivity technologies that autonomous delivery robots depend on to bring deliveries to your door.
» A man and an autonomous Starship Technologies delivery robot waiting at a pedestrian crossing in Redwood City, California. (Image by Christopher Down per CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.)

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