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Five Things to Consider When Designing RF Board- to-Board Connectors for Next-Gen Applications
Ross Martinez, North American RF&I Marketing Manager at Radiall
RF board-to-board interconnections have grown in popularity within modern wireless systems over the last 20+ years. These connectors are utilized in a multitude of applications and markets, including wireless telecom, military aerospace, defense, commercial space, industrial, and automotive. As technology advances, miniaturization, densification, cost reduction, and higher performance requirements are driving next-gen applications and industries.
More specifically, many next-gen applications utilize RF board-to-board connectors, so it is important to choose the best one for each application. Unmanned aerial vehicles, radar arrays, circulators, and commercial LEO satellite constellations are just a few examples of next-gen applications that can benefit from RF board-to-board connectors.
» As technology advances, the number of next-gen applications in every industry are increasing. It’s important to find the RF board-to-board connector that best meets your needs.

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