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5. Misalignment Tolerance: Finally, knowing a board-to-board connector’s misalignment tolerance can prevent damage to connectors and components during installation. Connectors with large misalignment options, such as Radiall’s SMP Max, easily support blind mating in even tight spaces. This is especially important in compact, next- generation telecom infrastructure, such as base stations and GPS devices.
As you look into the misalignment tolerances of the RF board-to-board connectors you are considering, be sure to look at both the axial tolerance (i.e., board-to-board distance) and the radial tolerance (i.e., angle/tilt).
Ensure high performance, reliability, and durability by doing your research and choosing the best RF board-to- board connector for your next-generation applications. Don’t settle for a connector that doesn’t meet or exceed your requirements. Get in touch with your supplier to find the connector you need, or work with a supplier like Radiall with proven experience developing custom interconnect solutions for demanding designs.
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