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» Wearin’s Connected Vest recently won the highest-ranking 2020 Technology Innovators Award — the Platinum Award — from Military & Aerospace Electronics and Intelligent Aerospace.
The plug-and-play connectors employed in the Wearin’ vest’s electronic ecosystem offer multiple benefits. One of the most impactful of which is allowing connected devices to be reduced to their core function (e.g., sensing, image capture, geolocation, radio link, etc.) by relocating their power source and/or communication and PCB systems within a single central hub, switch, and/or battery.
» Fischer Freedom Series connectors and active devices allowed Wearin’ engineers to develop a centralized, integrated connectivity system with no external cables and miniaturize the embedded electronic devices used to interconnect soldiers or security officers in the field.
Case 2: SRS’ FUSION UUV — Extreme Sealing for Massive Fiber Optic Data Transfer
Unmanned and autonomous systems and robots offer further examples of innovation enabled by the connectivity-by- design approach, which can be especially useful for harsh-environment applications that demand ultra-rugged and IP68-sealed solutions. Strategic Robotic Systems, Inc. (SRS), based in the U.S., aimed to develop a next-generation underwater system by taking a fresh perspective. When designing its FUSION unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV),

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