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The TWIICE team adopted a connectivity-by-design approach, drawing on Fischer Connectors’ technical expertise to develop tailored assistive medical technology that maintained the right balance between high performance and user friendliness. Through this partnership, the team could utilize an innovative connectivity technology platform to facilitate integration and identify connectivity solutions that provided an optimum weight to performance ratio. Reducing the overall weight resulted in the added advantages of maximizing payload, range, and operating time. The TWIICE team ultimately opted for several compact, lightweight, and high-density connectors that provide exceptional ruggedness, reliability, and ease of integration and use; the unique combination of which helped provide users with an ergonomic, human-centric solution that delivers superior comfort, control, safety, and reliability.
» Handbike athlete Silke Pan is able to walk again thanks to the customized TWIICE exoskeleton that employs compact, lightweight, and user-friendly Fischer Core Series AluLite and Fischer Freedom Series Fischer LP360 connectivity solutions.
Case 4: SENSYS Magnetometer — Durable, Portable, Non-Magnetic, Plug-and-Play Connectivity
SENSYS Magnetometers & Survey Solutions, a German-based supplier of special sounding equipment and solutions, was looking for robust connectors for its magnetometers — which are used by archaeologists and unexploded ordnance (UXO) disposal services — that could withstand heavy field use in extreme environments ranging from -40°C to +70°C with up to 100% humidity. To ensure quick and easy assembly in the field, users needed connections with easy mating that prevented misuse and were easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, all device components had to have minimal to no residual magnetism to prevent any interference with equipment and its ability to produce precise measurements. SENSYS had previously been using military-standard connectors but, despite their robust design and suitability for continuous field use, they had several limitations. They used male-female plug contacts that could break easily if mated incorrectly and were difficult to clean. The plugs also needed to be laboriously covered with a special rubber grommet to protect them against moisture.
SENSYS sought a plug-and-play connector with seven power and signal contacts that was sealed to IP68 and offered 360° mating. The company worked with Fischer Connectors to develop customized solutions in small volumes and benefited from the personalized service offered throughout the R&D process. The selected solution met all requirements, prevented the risk of misuse, and proved easier to handle and maintain.

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