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» The SENSYS magnetometer uses the seven-contact Fischer LP360 connector from the Fischer Freedom Series, which was chosen for its IP68 sealing, weather resistance, longevity, 360° mating, absence of disruptive magnetic fields, and easy handling and cleaning capabilities.
Thinking of connectivity upstream in the application design engineering process allows design engineers and integrators to develop innovative, versatile, and user-friendly connectivity solutions for tomorrow’s devices and ecosystems. The holistic connectivity-by-design (B2B2U) approach illustrated by these four cases is made possible by using modular technology platforms that are versatile enough to meet customers’ evolving technical and usability requirements, and by co-creating with trusted industry experts proven to deliver comprehensive solutions for physical, human, and electronic connectivity — not just connector and cable assembly products. Today’s increasingly hyperconnected world, in which connected humans urgently need to maximize their performance and enhance their security, calls for connectivity by design for continued innovation.
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