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Three Ways to Accelerate Advanced Air Mobility
Tom Turner, Product Manager, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is quickly moving from the realm of possibility into reality. This emerging form of aircraft leverages electrification and automation to transport people and cargo efficiently and sustainably, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, noise pollution, and operating costs. Future iterations of this technology may be autonomous or piloted.
» The world’s first flying car production model, the PAL-V, pictured here at the company’s headquarters in the Netherlands, is an excellent example of an advaned air mobility vehicles. (Photo by Eslivb per CC BY-SA 4.0)
However, building an interconnected electrical system that can generate, maintain, distribute, and insulate the high voltages required for AAM is a significant and complex undertaking. Manufacturers are faced with several essential design considerations, such as how specific components will come together to optimize the size, weight, and power of the aircraft. They must also consider the sustainability and environmental impacts of their designs while navigating many complicated regulations and airworthiness requirements. These dynamics make it challenging to get to market quickly, but it’s critical to do so if companies want to play a role in the next generation of air travel.

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