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The following are three market entrance strategies that address specific application areas and connectivity needs of AAM developers. By leveraging the proven experience, solutions, and engineering capabilities within the aerospace industry, it will be possible to build the aircraft of tomorrow efficiently, successfully, and cost-effectively.
Lean on the Experience and Expertise of Aerospace Industry Veterans
Reliability is critical to aerospace systems. The certification process is so stringent that navigating airworthiness requirements is a significant source of cost and delay for OEMs in the AAM market that have not come from an aerospace background.
OEMs must be aware that, according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAAs) Aircraft Electrical Wiring Interconnect System Best Practices Job Aid, the reliability of wiring systems is affected by a handful of factors, including the design, installation, and environment in which it is installed, and the length of time the system is in service. For example, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard AS50881, Wiring Aerospace Vehicle, details key considerations for electrical wiring interconnect systems products and their installation that are reviewed by airworthiness bodies when evaluating aircraft for a type certificate.
Choosing electrical interconnect products that do not meet aerospace requirements results in the untenable position of trying to justify the use of such products to regulatory agencies. The likely outcome is a significant redesign effort. A thorough understanding of the interconnect requirements in documents like AS50881 is required by OEMs who want to participate in the AAM market.
High-performance aerospace interconnect product providers are familiar with working in this highly regulated environment and can offer many off-the-shelf products with the key certifications needed for airworthiness.
» By leveraging a broad experience in terminal lugs, terminal blocks, and splice design, CarlisleIT meets the challenges of the aerospace industry, including solutions to problems such as weight reduction, installation efficiency, and connection reliability.
As such, it’s wise to partner with a company that has a firm grasp on product design, engineering, and installation needs, as well as supply chain pressures and system integration challenges with traditional aircraft. Potential supplier partners should also be able to recognize new challenges tied explicitly to the AAM market.

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