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» CarlisleIT offers various cable options, including shielded designs for data and high-voltage applications.
While developing new technology is a necessary natural progression for this market, leveraging existing technology to meet as many requirements as possible will allow developers to more quickly begin building and testing their designs. By using proven, certified materials, companies will minimize the time and expense required to gain airworthiness certificates.
Suppliers With In-House Engineering and Design Capabilities Support Agility and Innovation
New and innovative interconnect solutions are currently in development and will continue to evolve for AAM aircraft. This groundbreaking technology requires an experienced and proficient engineering and design team that can create custom solutions that fit AAM’s unique specifications and high-voltage design requirements. Working with supplier partners with in-house engineering and design capabilities reduces time, complexity, and cost as you go to market.
One of the most complicating factors in the AAM market is that the aircraft being designed are generating or using electrical power above the historical voltages seen in the aerospace market. These new voltages, when combined with the altitudes at which aircraft fly, create physics problems that this industry has not come across before.
» CarlisleIT offers a wide variety of wires and cables that are ruggedized to perform reliably in harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, and can be engineered and installed to meet unique challenges. For example, the power feeder pictured here was recently engineered with superior flexibility to facilitate cable routing in the tight spaces often found on AAM aircraft.

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